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In September month blog, I’ll be taking everyone through Packer where we’ll be building Google Compute Engine Instance Custom Machine Image aka Golden Image.

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Hashicorp Packer

Packer is an open-source, lightweight, highly performant tool created by Hashicorp to build identical and automated machine images aka Golden Image which stores all configurations, permissions…

In this August month blog, I’ll be going through how we can automate the deployment of our spring-boot application in GCE VM as a service via GitLab CI.

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  • GitLab CI server
  • Google Compute Engine VM with OSLogin Enabled
  • SpringBoot Application



Credit: Me


Terraform is a marvellous open-source for infrastructure provisioning and management — infrastructure-as-code (IaC). With the help of Terraform now we can code our infrastructure in a declarative manner using blocks, arguments, and expressions, so no more click, click on UI and remembering what resources you’ve created; terraform is here to…

In this December month article, I’ll be walking you through the CI/CD of Firebase with Google Cloud Build.

Firebase CI/CD with Google Cloud Build


Firebase is an amazing platform totally dedicated to mobile and web apps from startups to global enterprises, it’s backed by Google and comes with pre-packaged, open-source bundles of code to automate common…

In this September month article, I’ll be sharing why and how to create a highly available multibranch pipeline in Jenkins with Kaniko.

UPDATED ON: May 20, 2021

Multibranch Pipeline

Some not so deep concepts…

Multibranch Pipeline

Multibranch pipeline in Jenkins allows creating and triggering pipeline based on branch and pull requests. We create different Jenkinsfile for the different branches…

Data — a very vital aspect of your application/software and everyday data are increasing as we are shifting more towards digital devices. In 2020, there will be around 40 trillion Gigabytes of data (40 Zettabytes). Woah!!! that’s a lot. …

The idea of the July month blog is to achieve task automation in case of any breach or failure in Google Compute Instances with Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, Cloud Build and Cloud Monitoring. We need all these Google Cloud services to achieve automation.

This blog wouldn’t be possible without a major…

Proper, reliable, and stable application deployment on the cloud environment is one of the main tasks that DevOps/Cloud Engineers do. Deploying from a development environment to deployment on the production environment via testing and staging environment is an amazing journey because each environment has different sets of requirements and needs…

When it comes to website or application performance and speed, Cache is SuperHero. We believe that an effective cache setup is a number-one thing websites/applications can do to serve content to visitors as quickly as possible, improve both front-end and back-end load times, and reduce stress on the website’s origin…

Recently, we need WordPress for some work hosted on Google Kubernetes Engine. So yeah it’s definite we would install WordPress on GKE with Helm but my Senior DevOps Engineer decided to use Google Cloud SQL for this instead MariaDB.

So here is another blog on Cloud from my side after…

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